Create Buzz - The Domain Store

If you prefer to build an online presence on your own, from the ground up, visit our Domain Store and create a custom identity with a .buzz domain name and email address.

For the operation of The Domain Store, we are an Authorized Reseller of eNom, one of the world’s largest domain registrars. eNom provisions our branded storefront, where we have flexibility to adjust our retail pricing.

What this means to you when you buy from The Domain Store:

  • You have the opportunity to register domain names and purchase eNom’s top of the line related products.
  • You are served by eNom support on those domains and products.
  • With The Domain Store, we have some flexibility to offer prices different than the retail site. Where we have the flexibility, we can offer .buzz domain name registrations at a reduced price to you.

Visit The Domain Store today!