Commitment to Innovation

Create Buzz is committed to continuously uncovering new methods of reaching your best customers through digital marketing technology.  As we discover new techniques we make them available to you, through new services.

You have a message to deliver that is exciting, inspirational, and just might change the way the world thinks – and we’re here to amplify your voice.

“As a startup company, we live and support the entrepreneurial spirit. We support the creative entrepreneur, who has a vision for the future and inspires others along the way. We’re committed to helping our customers drive the popularity and buzz for their brand, their products and services, and their vision for the future.” – Bill Doshier, CEO of Create Buzz LLC


Our Innovation Partners

University of Central Arkansas

A partnership with the University of Central Arkansas College of Business’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship program enlists college students to determine new ways of creating buzz online. The UCA program is designed to hone abilities to identify problems and opportunities, and to develop and launch innovative solutions for products, services, and processes that significantly impact the operation of entrepreneurial ventures.

Bill Doshier, CEO of Create Buzz LLC, is the Executive in Residence at UCA and lecturer in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.


ExcelStrategy is a strategic business development company, assisting entrepreneurs to identify their growth markets, deliver breakthrough products and services, and create long term value for their business. Lance Wolak is the Founder and Principal at ExcelStrategy, with a background in marketing leadership (VP, CMO) in startups creating new brands, as well as established companies on a path to reinventing their brand.