Launch Your Blitzz Across Social Media

With Blitzz, start launching powerful announcements to the web and across social media, from your own launch pad. Put more power behind your social media posts, and have your information appear in more places on the web.

Your Blitzz site + social media = your media blitz

Once your Blitzz site is created, it is already available for viewing on the web, and will become available within search engines.  To launch your Blitzz across social media, simply click on the share buttons at the bottom of the page – and begin driving your announcements to all of your friends and contacts.

Sharing buttons shown along the bottom of the Blitzz site


Once you launch announcements with Blitzz, they will be posted in your social media account and on their way to your friends and contacts timeline. When you post a Blitzz announcement to Facebook, the picture from your Blitzz site appears with your message, and your entire Blitzz site with all of its information will travel with that post as it is shared from contact to contact. The example below shows the Blitzz announcement posted in Facebook.

beepostA Blitzz announcement posted in Facebook


Another way to post to Facebook: while inside Facebook you can type in the Blitzz site’s domain name (its web address) in the post type-in area as noted below, causing your Blitzz site to link up with your post. Once your Blitzz site links up to your post, you can continue writing in your note in the comment area of the post.

beepost-createAdding a Blitzz announcement to a Facebook post, while inside Facebook,
type in the web address of your Blitzz site

It's time for a Blitzz!

The fastest way to create an information site and launch a media blitz.

We’ll walk you through the setup of a domain name, and the creation of your Blitzz site.  Think of a title for your announcement, fill out a couple forms and you are done!