Introducing Blitzz™

Blitzz™ is a new service for making powerful announcements to the web and to social media. It’s the fastest way to create an information site and launch a media blitz. Order your Blitzz, fill out a form and hit the submit button, and you are ready to launch your media blitz!

Put more power behind your social media posts, and have your information appear in more places on the web!

  • Get more appearances for you and your product in web search results. Blitzz provides a portable website on its own domain name, which means it becomes its own unique appearance on the web and in search results.
  • Displays perfectly on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop.
  • Sharing buttons are at the bottom of the Blitzz site, for you and your friends to share this information and announcements across social media.


bee-screen  bee-phone
Example Blitzz site


Begin launching your announcements in a matter of minutes, by simply filling out a form and getting your Blitzz site. Once your Blitzz site is created, click on the share buttons at the bottom of the page to begin launching your announcements to all of your friends and contacts on social media.  Your Blitzz site will also be added to the web, becoming available by its domain name and in web searches.

It's time for a Blitzz!

The fastest way to create an information site and launch a media blitz.

We’ll walk you through the setup of a domain name, and the creation of your Blitzz site.  Think of a title for your announcement, fill out a couple forms and you are done!

See a Blitzz site live!

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