Building Your Blitzz Site

Start your Blitzz – the fastest way to create an information site and launch a media blitz. Create your Blitzz site in a matter of minutes by simply filling out a couple forms. No need to learn how to use a website builder or special software to compose a powerful announcement, complete with large image, headline, call to action, and many more features.

To build your Blitzz site, you will need:

  • A picture file or electronic artwork to serve as your Blitzz “billboard” picture
  • A headline for your announcement
  • A “call to action” link to another site or to an email address
  • Additional information that you would like to provide which will go on your “About” page.
  • If you would like to provide links to your social media accounts, storefront, calendar, fundraising site, etc., have those URLs ready to cut & paste.

bee-formPartial screen shot of the Blitzz site builder

A fill-in form is used to enter the information that you’d like to see on your Blitzz site.  This includes the full picture at the top, the headline and text that appears on the home page.  You can create an About page, for additional information about your announcement as well as including App icons for your social media links, store link, calendar link, and more.

sociallinksPartial screen shot of the Blitzz site builder


The pictures below show a screenshot of a completed Blitzz site.


bee-screen  bee-screen2
Example Blitzz site – Home page and About page


It's time for a Blitzz!

The fastest way to launch your brand and drive its popularity.

We’ll walk you through the setup of a domain name, and the creation of your Blitzz site.  Think of a title for your announcement, fill out a couple forms and you are done!

See a Blitzz site live!

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